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Management Consultancy in Jamaica and Caribbean
How does your organization deliver sustained, profitable growth in markets that are increasing in complexity and competitiveness? Our clients tell us that this is the critical question that they seek to answer day after day.
To help you answer this question, we incorporate business and financial metrics into organizational and interpersonal metrics. Emphasis is on business literacy. Your people will have the soft skills to lead successfully, and even more importantly, they must have the know-how outside of their functional competence to deliver results.
The following are some of the programmes that we offer, each tailored to your specific business need(s):
1. Pricing for Profits
Pricing is perhaps the most crucial decision to make. It underpins financial and marketing sustainability. But are you in control? Do you price on margins, based on costs, or on a value you can determine and defend? How do you improve pricing competitiveness?
Just take for example a company with revenue of $100MM, and NPBT of 10%. Do you realize that even a 1% increase in selling price, all things being equal, would result in a 10% increase in profits. We can help you find similar opportunities in your market without a negative impact on customer retention.
As business consultants we help you identify:
2. Customer Engagement
  • Customer Touchpoint Management
  • Differentiation! Moving from Service to Engagement
3. Organizational Learning and Effectiveness
Our programmes are designed to develop business acumen and strengthen strategy formulation and decision-making. Our range of strategic interventions include: 
  • Employee Satisfaction or Engagement Interventions
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Business Process Tools - Project Management and Six Sigma orientation
  • Business and Customer Prioritization Models 
  • Selling Skills Training
  • Development of Competencies for functions such as sales, finance, marketing and human resources.
  • Developing Leadership Attributes organization-wide
  • High Performance Leadership
  • Leadership Branding
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Operational Excellence