Organizational Strengthening - BUSINESS TURNAROUND
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Our mission is to successfully manage business turnaround or the strategic intervention that delivers projected benefits. The business turnaround process typically involves the steps outlined in the diagram below: Business Turnaround Process from OrgStrength 
In the broadest sense, businesses fail either from an absence of a winning strategy, or from significant gaps in executing the winning strategy. But what are the underlying causes for these failures? Our approach is to solve the problem, and provide organizational capacity so that you "never go there again." For us it's not just about pricing, cost leadership, headcount or cash flow; the real issues are typical more endemic than that, and they must be resolved if the organization is have a viable future.
In that regard, a successful business turnaround or strategic intervention will fix the balance sheet, even as we diagnose and resolve problems relating to: 
1. Leadership Engagement and Organizational Culture
Despite the gravity of the situation, a business turnaround presents the greatest opportunity to align people and organization and to chart leadership at all levels.
Do you have dysfunctional leadership? How might your organizational culture be shaped to meet the business imperatives? Is your team focused on delivering high-impact results? Does your company think "right to left?" and is your team accountable? Some of the key leadership issues that have a negative impact on your business might include:
  1. Leadership Effectiveness and Succession Planning
  2. (Culture of) "Operational Mediocrity"
  3. Level of Staff Engagement
  4. Weak Change Management Orientation
  5. Reward and recognition systems not aligned with your primary goals.
  6. Leaders who just "can't get out of the way" 
2. Marketing and Sales Leadership
Market Leadership for Results  
Is your market declining? Are you operating in a sustainable niche? Are you getting value for your marketing investment? What is your business model? If your problem is in the area of financial sustainability or operational excellence? Our experience in management consulting often means there are issues relating to:
  • Marketing Planning
  • Marketing Design
  • Pricing (Strategy and Analytics)
  • Mining Profit Pools/Leakages
  • Commercialization
  • Marketing Competencies of your team, including ROI focus.
  • Customer Engagement
3. Business and Financial Health
Are you experiencing cash flow problems? Do you have an inadequate cash cushion? Accounting issues?  Growth that is out of control? Too many leakages? Is your team focused on analyzing the past or solving tomorrow's problems today. Our focus on financial sustainability will more often than not examine matters relating to: 
  • Business assessment and historical trends
  • Financial Sustainability
  • ROI
  • Margin expansion
  • Pricing
  • Portfolio management
  • Project/Process Management
  • Srategic Finance skill set
4. Change Management
Change Management for Business Turnaround and Transformation
If the business or an important business unit is delivery less than adequate results, chances are you need to mobilize commitment around a significant change. We provide complete change management support.We help you to develop and market the compelling argument, and share change management tools that will ensure your organization: 
1. Moves smoothly through Change and into Transition
2. Focuses Leadership around Change
3. Effectively champion and lead the change
4. Strengthens your Capacity to Act
4. Aligns Strategies and Business Model
5. Employee Engagement
Is your HR team a true business partner with competencies beyond transaction processing and "feel good" activities? How much time does your executives allocate to strategic management and other growth initiatives such as succession planning, project management, accountability, organizational culture and employee engagement? 
Our 3E Model, Earning Employee Engagement, is about a partnership with the company's #1 resource - its people, to deliver results that count. The opportunity for intervention depends on the where you are on OrgStrength(® Earning Employee Engagement (3E) Model shown below:
3E Earning Employee Engagement from OrgStrength
We help you conduct the change management assessment and develop and retain Employees of Choice, who will not only be engaged, but will have the passion to become corporate entrepreneurs. Using this model, you will be able to:  
  • Re-define KPIs for Impact
  • Implement an aligned Performance Management and Employee Development programmes
  • Identify Leadership and Executive Development needs
  • Achieve Employee Engagement
  • Strengthening your Capacity to Act
  • Attract and Retain Employees of Choice
6. Financing Support
We develop the plans for financial sustainability and help you with:
  • Corporate crisis management planning;
  • Cost reduction and control;
  • Cash generation, sourcing and management;
  • Turnaround or elimination of unprofitable business units, divisions or product lines;
  • Asset efficiency, management and control;
  • Financial and operational forecasting and modeling;
  • Restructuring secured and unsecured obligations;
  • Lender & Creditor support services;