Organizational Strengthening - CLIENTS TESTIMONIALS
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Here is some of the feedback we received from clients in Jamaica and the Caribbean, relating to our Retail Management Training, our Executive and Leadership Development Training, and our Business Turnaround interventions:
"Executive Leadership Succession Programme"
"The course was empowering and provided the guidance needed to evolve into a dynamic leader" - Asst Vice President, Financial Services "The sessions were intellectually stimulating and provided the framework for introspection" - Senior Manager, Financial Services 
"Pleasant surprise! A number of important and usable concepts. Presenter used extremely practical and relevant information on how to become an effective leader. I look forward to continued development in this manner and magnitude." - Asst Vice President
"All members of the executive team should go through this training." - Vice President
"An outstanding presenter and communicator; I highly recommend." - AVP Jamaica
Leadership for Engagement and Accountability:  "My recent participation in the Regional Management Development Programme was 40hrs of formal learning like no other I’ve experience..."
Extract - Company Newsletter:Retail Management Training 
Retail Management : "Training was quite productive, specific, practical & aggressive. Trainer had a mix of aggressiveness & teaching attitude. It was enjoyable, productive, progressive & fact based training with the trainer."
Retail Management
"Excellent! That is how I would describe the just concluded three days training programme on “Managing your Retailing Store.” The course content was edifying and the delivery was great. All kudos to the facilitator. Even though the course was rigorous his method of delivery made the “burden” light. All credit to (my company) for taking such great initiative the fruits of which will definitely be seen."
"The training program is considered by me the best training program thus far I have ever attended at (my company). The structure, the information and presentation was of very high standards, and the knowledge obtained from the training program definitely would assist in making me a great leader. Credit must also be given to the trainer for the dedication and commitment shown in making  sure the information was clear and concise on delivery to the trainees. Thank you again for a very interactive and educational training experience that would always be remembered and valued.."
Leadership Development: Marketing 103! is GREAT!
Feedback from Director of HR:"The facilitator /trainer did an excellent job  in developing knowledge and  principles of our managers  and senior executives. In conclusion the trainer, applied sound teaching principles which encouraged free participation  for  most of the sessions . I personally have learnt immensely in respect of delivery technique/skill which will no doubt help me in that regard."
"Phenomenal!!! That is how I would describe the training. Cheers to the facilitator for his excellent delivery it was breathtaking and edifying. Relationships were build amount the management team to last for a life time. Thanks to (company name) for the privilege to be apart of such a course. What I had gain from this course will last a life time and will improve my job performance." 
Corporate Learning Centre
Belize Training Manager 
"As a co-facilitator for the programme I was able to learn a lot and understand needs of the business and tools that can help achieve the required results. It was intense, informative, interactive, tiring but a very excellent learning experience. It opened ears and eyes in creating mindset change, using right to thinking and how to manage life cycles in the business. I am absolutely certain that there were a lot of take always from the course and a positive changes will be seen throughout the stores going into the peak season." 
"Executive Leadership Development" Training
"The course was very intense, both in content and in its duration. I have never been exposed to such a rigorous learning experience, but the presenter made it quite bearable in his approach. I found his method of teaching, enjoyable and easy to follow."
Executive Leadership Development
"The content of the course has brought new light to my understanding of what being a manager is all about. It opened my eyes more to the importance of our communication with our customers, how much it means to be in tune with their needs... The tools we were given also gave a new spectrum to identifying and better understanding our competitors and in what ways we can focus on gaining the upper hand, which can result in gaining or retaining our customers. The goal tree was very helpful in breaking down areas in which we can focus on achieving each individual task, making the process look less daunting and also thinking outside the box as to ways we can accomplish these goals. I enjoyed the course"  
From Belize
"The entire seminar lived up to its expectations. It was intense, lengthy and quite informative. The first day proved that we were in for a very exciting experience. The topics covered were amazingly exactly what we needed. It covered each aspect of our job that we currently undertake and provided new found knowledge that I immediately began to link with all my daily activities. In my perception, it gave guidance to all the knowledge and experience I currently possess. The preparation of the final presentation was as well the most challenging of all but proved to be quite an eye opener and made the entire management team group together as we had never done before. After the presentation we all felt a sense of relief but upon hearing the feedback I personally felt that the time invested and the sleepless nights were quite worth doing as it had made me see an entire different picture and show off a different appearance of myself. I personally enjoyed the sessions quite a lot and must add that the presenter is well versed in all areas and did a very good job in passing this to us .."